It's been 6 months since Nikko started Primal, and she continues to improve. She has gained back the weight she lost. She's also gained back her spunk and energy, not bad for a 14 year old Bichon. Thank you, Sandi and Sharon, for listening to my concerns and giving me positive solutions. But most of all thank you for bringing Primal into our lives.

--Nikko & Pat
My Shelties (left to right) Coco, Miata, Tiara and Ginger have been on Primal Pet Foods for about two years. Previously, they were on Honest Kitchen and kibbles before that. I've been looking for better feeding options for them, then I discovered Primal Pet Foods. All my dogs love the food, their coats are shinier, softer and the best part, is smaller, firmer and less smelly stools. In addition to Primal (I rotate various proteins), I also add greentripe. Yes, the smell is not pleasant, but whenever I see how eager they are for the greentripe, the smell no longer matters. I'm glad that I switched them to the raw food diet.

--Shirley, Coco, Miata, Tiara & Ginger
Here is a photo of my Goldendoodle, Buddy. Buddy came to live with us at five months of age and had been eating kibble with his previous owner. I switched him to Primal from his very first meal with us. He loved it, has thrived on it (he's now 13 months old) and never had any type of digestive issues even when first being switched. Sincere Aloha,

--Trudi & Buddy
Primal Pet Food is one of the easiest ways to provide a highly digestible and absorbable diet packed with "whole food" nutrition for our boy, Mickey. The local distributors, Sharon and Sandi, are dedicated to this quality product and caring individuals. Mickey loves the beef, venison, rabbit, and duck patties the best. And, of course, he loves all of Primal's treats!

--Janis & Mickey

"Thank you Raw on Request for being in Hawaii. You'd never know our Lab/Pit mix named Ka'i who's almost 13 is the age she is the way she runs and plays in the yard with her little sister Yuki who is 5. They both love their well rounded raw food diet. They are leaner, healthier, and have firm, less stinky poop. I recommend owners get their pets off kibbles. You will notice the difference with Raw on Request Product. In addition to the Patties, we also keep the Raw on Request Freeze dries nuggets for emergency use or travel. It also makes a great "treat" food or for training too. Thank you Sharon & Sandi!

--Michael, Lynn, Michael H, Daniel and Ka'i & Yuki, the McDonald family.
Just wanted to say thank you for introducing us to Primal. Our girls have been on Primal for a few years and have done extremely well. Their coats glisten, stools are minimal, and many people, including a few vets have commented on how beautiful their smiles are. I also love that Primal has several protein sources to select from which makes it great for pets with allergies. As for the treats the girls love them --- the ingredient list is very short, very simple --- no additives, no preservatives --- just one protein source which again makes it perfect for all to enjoy. Thanks for a quality product!

-- Cassie, Sophie, Kimber, Katie, Chloe and Janine Fujiwara
Although our puppy didn't have any health problems, I think her coat has improved and her poop is definitely not as stinky as it was on the dry food (Science Diet) we were feeding her. She has been very healthy and the vet compliments us on her condition and teeth. Thanks Raw!

--Lori Okami and Cofi
Our Black Lab had many issues with various dog foods until we found out what she was allergic to --grains. Since we incorporated Primal into their diets their coats have been soft and shiny.
Primal is a great balanced, grain free, healthy dog food that your dogs will love. Plus, I like how my dogs poop doesn't smell to hog heaven. Thanks, Sandi!!!!

--Jackie Gravener, Lani, Kea and Ipo-Lei
Sophie Shain is going to be five in September and has had Raw on Request (Primal) since she came to us at 9 months. She took very quickly to the delicious food! Sophie really isn't that particular about the flavors, she loves them all!

--Renee Shain, Sophie
I've been feeding a raw diet to our dogs since 1998. I had never had a picky eater until Marlin! He loved the meaty bones, but hated the raw (ground) vegetables and liver. I brought home some Primal to try figuring he wouldn't like it, but he LOVED it! That was about five years ago and he's been eating (and loving) Primal ever since!

--Trudi Gold, Marlin
Currently my older Labs 8 and 9 years old have been doing very very well with the raw diet. They have lost the extra weight that was hard on their joints and their coat is full and healthy. They are currently eating the venison and now tryng the salmon, turkey blend.

--Loreen Furuyama, Milo, Penny and Bijou
Our Muffin, who will be 11 next month, has had seizures since she was 4. She is medicated morning and evening but still had the seizures, between two and six of them over a 24 hour period, every 5 - 6 weeks. Since she and Coco have been on the chicken patties from Raw on Request, Muffin's seizures occur only every 11 - 12 weeks, a big improvement. We don't know that it is because of the raw diet but quite a coincidence, don't you think?

--Barbara Abe, Muffin and Coco
Moses is our 9-1/2 year old Golden retriever/Rottweiler mix. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a very young age, so his acupuncturist told us about the BARF diet and recommended Kymythy Schultze’s book, Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats. There were many improvements to his overall health when we started feeding Moses a raw diet, but it was also very laborious and time-consuming to put together properly. Then we heard about Raw on Request about 6 years ago, and our lives became much easier. We had adopted a second, senior dog around that time, a terrier mix named Sweetie who had lived on her own for many years. Sweetie had many health issues when we took her in, so having a high-quality, convenient form of the BARF diet was essential for her healing as well. Sweetie passed away last year, so we recently adopted a young female Shih tzu. When Millie came to us, she was malnourished, scrawny, and unusually lethargic. However, once she started eating the range of Primal Pet foods including chicken, duck, beef, lamb, and turkey, Millie’s energy and muscle tone greatly increased. Moses and Millie also enjoy green tripe mixed in with their food sometimes. And they go crazy for all the Primal Pet treats – our best training tool for Millie is a bag of chicken shredders, and Moses seems partial to the lung puffs and liver munchies. Thank you, Sharon and Sandi for helping us feed our furry kids the best food we can possibly give them!

--Betty Kamida, Moses, LeBron and Millie
Stella just turned 3! her bday was on sunday and i made her a chicken primal cake with a candle on it. Stella has been on Primal for over a year now and she is so healthy and happy. Blue danes have a tendency towards skin problems and Stella couldn't have a more beautiful and shinny coat. I am confident that feeding her raw organic food is the best thing for her inside and out. She absolutely LOVES it and devours every bite... then licks her bowl until i have to take it away. She loves all the flavors but chicken seems to be the best. She actually has a very sensitive stomach which is why primal is so great. It never irritated her stomach like other foods might. Sometimes i throw in some organic raw carrots for her too which she loves. And her new favorite is those marrow bones! Thanks so much for keeping my beautiful baby healthy!

--Kay Yamaguchi, Stella