What is a Raw Food (BARF) pet diet?
BARF stands for “Bones And Raw Food” also known as, “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.” It is a diet based on raw meaty bones, raw muscle meat, and fresh vegetables and fruits. The barf diet replicates what dogs in the wild would eat — flesh and bones and predigested stomach contents of prey animal. Primal Pet Foods Formulas offer an easy way to introduce the BARF diet to your pets. By eating raw, fresh, wholesome foods your pet receives optimum nutrition through living enzymes, unprocessed amino acids and necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential to a long and healthy life.

Why should I feed my Dog/Cat Raw meat and bones?
Cooking, heating and processing deplete nutritional value. Not only are vitamins lost, but necessary enzymes (proteins) are destroyed. Enzymes are an important aid in digestion. By feeding your pet raw, you will know exactly what’s in their food. Primal is made with 100% human grade ingredients that include non-medicated, hormone and antibiotic-free meats, certified organic fruits, veggies and supplements. The formulas are a complete and balanced meal with no by-products, fillers, grains or preservatives. With the recent pet food recall, it is now, more than ever important to know exactly what you are feeding your furry family members. What better way to feed your pet, than giving them premium gourmet raw food from Primal Pet Foods.

Benefits noted from pets on a raw diet include:

  1. Boosts and improves immune system(demonstrated by stronger resistance to disease, parasites and bacteria)
  2. Eliminates doggy odor and bad breath
  3. Healthy skin and shiny coats
  4. Less stool and less stool odor (food is more bioavailable)
  5. Clean teeth and healthy gums
  6. Increased energy and vitality
  7. Improves digestion (live enzymes)
  8. Less attractive to parasites (fleas, ticks, etc)
  9. Helps older animals with arthritic symptoms and improves mobility
  10. Increased muscle tone
  11. Helps maintain an optimum and appropriate weight for your pet
  12. Coats seem shiny and soft
  13. Helps eliminate allergy problems
  14. Brighter eyes (no more ‘tear’ stains) and clean (less ‘mucky’) ears
  15. In general– happier, healthier animals

Won’t they get food poisoning like salmonella?
Salmonella and bacteria are found everywhere, even in commercial pet foods. E. coli and salmonella are a part of the normal bacterial flora found in the gut and does not cause problems to a healthy dog. Human stomachs are alkaline (ph4), compared with the acidic (ph1) environment of a dog’s. Food borne bacteria that would affect a human does not overwhelm a dog’s system because of this difference.

Will it cure my pet’s ailment/allergy/disease?
Feeding raw isn’t a magic bullet to cure every problem and condition. However, a wholesome, fresh, species-appropriate diet does build a solid foundation from which good health and strong immune systems develop. Many pets on the raw food diet have shown a great improvement in allergic reactions based solely on the fact that Primal Pet Foods are grain-free (grains are high on the list of allergen producing foods). Our own pets have shown improvements on the raw diet with weight issues, arthritic conditions, skin and coat appearance, cancer remission (grains feed cancer cells), food allergies and overall vitality. Those switching to raw notice a difference in attitude and energy levels which are attributed to animals eating as nature intended.

But is it safe to feed bones?
Bones are an important part of a carnivore diet. Combined with meat, bones provide a perfect calcium-phosphorus balance. Bones not only satisfy nutritional requirements, they also act as a natural toothbrush, provide hours of relaxation (stress releaser), and help pets strengthen jaw and neck muscles. In 1993 dogs and wolves were officially classified as the same species: canis lupus.The two have identical gastrointestinal tracts that are specifically designed to digest and handle prey animals, including bones.Anatomically, both animal’s teeth are made to rip and crush prey bones.Digestion begins in the stomach where grains like corn, rice, etc are not easily assimilated. Cooked, processed, grain-based dry dog food, can take up to 15 hours to digest, compared to 4-6 hours for raw.

Why should I choose Primal Pet Foods above other raw diets?
Primal strives to give your pets the optimum healthy diet to improve overall health, well being and quality of life. Primal uses only the best, top quality ingredients from the USA with 100% vegetarian fed protein sources. Using all organic products and non-medicated meats show Primal’s commitment to producing the ultimate gourmet pet food. Small farms and suppliers assure that quality control and attention to Primal’s standards are met. Conveniently packaged in 4lb. (64- 1 oz. nuggets) and 8lb. (16- 8 oz. patties) re-sealable bags, Primal’s complete, balanced formulas are a great way to introduce your pet to a raw diet. For the more experienced ‘Barf-ers’, Primal offers a line of supplemental proteins to add variety as well as a large selection of raw, meaty and recreational bones.